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Ligang Machine Tool, in detail, presents the essence of the beauty of Chinese Machine Tool
       Zhejiang Ligang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a new force in machine tool industry, which emerged in the grand strategy of "Intelligent Manufacturing China". On the basis of industrial automation, enterprises employ highly paid Taiwanese engineers with years of experience in high precision machinery as their core team, while introducing high-end products. Machine Tool Design Talents, Strive to Construct the Enterprise Characteristics of "New Brand, Old Team, Hard Technology, Fine Craft".

       In the wave of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", the Chinese nation ushered in a new era of great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream. Today's China is unprecedentedly close to the center of the world stage. As the "founders", we always bear in mind the "mission, responsibility, development, pattern creation" Enterprise spirit, only by constantly learning, constantly exploring and constantly surpassing the growth and progress, can we not afford the ingenuity, trust and trust of customers. At present, there are two series of PT and QT machine tools with more than 20 models, which have won the general praise of the industry. Consumer recognition.

      Ligang Machine Tool is determined to create a brand of machine tools that symbolizes high-end quality, and to create products that can represent the strength and beauty of China's machine tools.
Brand Advantage advantage
  • Product Advantage

    Position Advantage
  • Technical Advantage

    Management Advantage
  • Team Advantage

    Team Advantage
  • Management Advantage

    Technical Advantage
  • Position advantage

    Product Advantage
  • Product Advantage

    Work hard and strive for excellence. In the subtle place, it presents the essence of the beauty of machine tool precision. Machinery and equipment as a work of art to carefully carve, with ingenuity and determination to create products that can represent the strength and beauty of China's machine tools.
  • Technical Advantage

    In line with international standards, leading technology. We regularly go to overseas well-known enterprises to exchange and study, compete with the world's first-line brands in international exhibitions, hone in competition, learn in competition, and encourage ourselves to grow and transform in competition.
  • Team Advantage

    New brand, mature team. High salary employs Taiwanese engineers with many years of experience in machinery and equipment industry as the core team of enterprises to fully guarantee the professionalism, precision and smoothness of production and operation.
  • Management Advantage

    People-oriented, scientific management. Introduce Taiwan's experience in the management of high-precision machinery, while continuing to learn the management methods of advanced enterprises such as Germany and Japan. People-oriented, practical and realistic, to the details and implementation in place.
  • Position advantage

    Three high positioning, outstanding. With the brand positioning of "New Three High" with high starting point, high standard and high precision as the core gene of the whole brand, the brand is different from the market and similar products from the beginning.