Integrated combined turning production line
Technical reference technical parameter

技术参数                     technical parameter DST55
加工范围 最大回转直径(mm) ¢550
最大加工直径(mm) ¢380
行程 最大加工长度(mm) 330
X轴最大行程(mm) 190+10
Z轴最大行程(mm) 350
X轴快速位移(m/min) 30
Z轴快速位移(m/min) 36
定位精度(mm) ±0.003
重复定位精度(mm) ±0.002
机器主轴 主轴通孔直径(mm) ¢62
棒材最大直径(mm) ¢51
主轴端部规格 A2-6
主轴最高转速(r/mim) 4500
卡盘形式 8"
电主轴 电主轴Kw 11
电机功率 主轴(Kw) 11
X轴扭矩(N.M) 8.34
Z轴扭矩(N.M) 11
刀塔 刀架形式 30°伺服刀塔
镗刀直径(mm) ¢40
刀方尺寸(mm) ¨25
尾座  尾架形式(可选择一个) 液压(OPT)
结构 整机重量(Kg) 6500
标准生产线 长(mm) 6000
宽(mm) 1650(水箱)
高(mm) 1785
多功能生产线 长(mm) 7300
宽(mm) 1650(水箱)
高(mm) 3600(竖梁)

main features main features
Structural characteristics
1. High and low rail flat bed, good rigidity and wear resistance.
2. Integrated bed design, compact structure and space saving
3. The truss automation is fixed on the bed to form a whole, which is not affected by the settlement and distortion of the foundation, and can realize stable automatic production
4. It is convenient to carry, install, debug and move the machine, and can realize quick turnkey project

Flexible and versatile
1. It can be used as two single machine automatic lathes after installing truss automation and stock bin (different parts can be processed at the same time on the left and right, and the same parts can also be processed at the same time)
2. After the middle turning mechanism is added, a turning production line with two processes is formed

Multifunctional combination
1. A multi-functional turning production line is formed after the truss automation, online cleaning and online detection of the silo
2. it can add remote monitoring function and data acquisition function, and can be connected with ERP.MES of the factory seamlessly

DST standard production line
Action flow:
Correction unit - host OP1 processing - workpiece turning sheet - host op2 processing - sampling unit - finished product discharging unit

DST multifunctional production line
Action flow:
Feeding unit correction unit host OP1 processing workpiece turnover unit host op2 processing sampling unit online cleaning unit online detection unit finished product collection unit